Custom Bespoke

Custom Bespoke is the process of building a pair of jeans from the ground up. Personally; I find that there are two most important aspects to the whole process. Crafting by hand and the quality level of fabric.

The cut/fit to the denim is perfected off a pattern oak piece cardboard, and then designed professionally. The fit being guaranteed down to the centimeter.

Custom Jeans with fabric to Be-Spoken for. The true Bespoke process of unlimited fabric choices. Denim in any color & texture. 100% cotton from the finest mills in Japan, Italy, & Cone Mills of the USA. All different weights for the various climates & stretch if preferred for relaxing comfort.


Custom Bespoke Jeans:

  • Finest raw milled denim from Japan, Italy, & Cone Mills
  • Denim, leather, twill, canvas, courdoroy, waxed, & natural dyed available
  • Individual design, individual fit