The chosen name, Brown representing my specialty of hand-craftsmanship. Deim illustrating the finest, historical cloth with origins from Nimes/France begetting Deim de Nimes. Boston Custom is where all design, patterns, production, & hand craft takes place.

Crafting denim here in Boston, perfecting Custom Bespoke Jeans, has made many a ripple around the world. Delivering perfection with pride has built up a very steady demand.

That demand has carried into a very select few of the Finest Bespoke Tailor shops in the world which Brown, Deim delivers all denim requirements.
Currently producing Custom/Bespoke Denims for the Professional Athletes. Professionals demanding perfection with style.

Inspiring Denim; with Custom Perfection…..

After a few years of rudimentarily repairing his own jeans using the farmer’s patch style, Chris was inspired to start up a custom denim jeans manufacturing company: Brown, Deim, currently located in Weymouth, MA. He has access to more than 150 types of denim from all over the world including Japan, Italy and more locally, North Carolina. Authentic recycled 9 mm bullet shell casings for rivets, back pocket weave design, nautical leather back patch and belt loops are a few unique features that distinguish his jeans.

The most exciting pair of jeans Chris ever made was crafted for a denim shop owner, living in Fujian Province, China. While communicating back and forth via internet, Chris and this shop owner produced a masterpiece worth more than $1,500, which included custom stitch colors, pocket design and high quality denim.

– Asian Boston Magazine